Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is a historic neighborhood in D.C.’s Ward 2. Dupont Circle was originally named Pacific Circle by city planner Charles L’Enfant. Dupont Circle was renamed in 1882 after US Congress authorized a memorial statue of Samuel Francis Du Pont, a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy during the Mexican-American War. The Dupont Circle Historic District was established in 1978. Dupont Circle is primarily historic for its Romanesque row houses. Dupont Circle is bounded by T St NW on the north; 16th St NW on the east; Rhode Island Avenue NW, M St NW on the south; and Florida Avenue NW on the north. There are roughly 5,400 residents live Dupont Circle, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Dupont Circle is the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B. Their meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Dupont Circle Fountain, located at the center of Dupont Circle.

Dupont Circle is a station on the DC Metro’s Red Line. It is one of the Metro’s busiest stations. The station is walking distance to various shops, as well as FRESHFARM Dupont Circle Market, a first-place Best of D.C. “Best Farmers Market 2016” winner. Other local businesses include Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe, an independent bookstore and café that has late-night hours, and fashion stores such as Brooks Brothers and Lou Lou. Beginning at Dupont Circle is Embassy Row, a four-block long stretch of many foreign U.S. embassies along Massachusetts Ave NW.



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