The Huffington Post’s Black Voices

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 11.54.51 AM.pngThe Huffington Post’s website has a section entitled Black Voices, an aggregate of news articles and commentary from various reporters that are geared to African-Americans. What makes this blog so compelling is that it tackles topics and issues that many mainstream media, including’s homepage, usually don’t cover adequately or at all. Black Voices has a Twitter and Facebook page, both of which are actively updated. Its social media is used to mostly promote their new articles. However, their Twitter also tweets and retweets those with commentary on events, so to speak, in the African-American community, such as BET’s premiere of The New Edition Story last night. Black Voices is updated daily with new news stories and commentary. There isn’t a bio or “About Us” page for Black Voices, but the bio of each respective writer is presented at the end of each article. What I would take from Black Voices is their website layout. Each article is presented in bold black titles that really catch your eye. Most articles include a picture as well.


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