Data Visualization in News Stories

The New York Times June 2016 article “A Weekend in Chicago” does a great job of data visualization. The article profiles 2016 Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago where, unfortunately, 64 people were shot. There are videos and pictures that have accounts from the Chicago Police Department, as well as local residents and victims and their families. Also, there are interactive maps and charts that profile the city and its shootings. As a Chicago native, I think the city is accurately represented with this article’s use of data and media.


The Chicago Tribune’s March 2017 article “Chicago’s history as a sanctuary city” makes a great use of data. The article profiles, as the title states, Chicago’s history as a sanctuary city. The article uses a linear timeline, complete with dates and pictures, to tell the history of 30 years prior to the present.


The Washington Post’s April 2017 article “Teens think Axe body spray is cooler than ESPN, McDonald’s or Vice” shows an graph of a survey given to teens. There’s only one graph with the article, but it looks “cool” because the points are color-coordinated. The font on the graph is appealing to easy-going, young people like myself.


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